Craft Beer and Cider On Tap!!!

Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason (5% ABV Pale Ale, IBU 55)
ʻRhyme & Reasonʼ Extra Pale Ale showcases the very best hops have to offer, but at only 5.7% abv. It’s far more sessionable than your typical American IPA. The flavour and aroma of Citra, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops prevail without excessive bitterness for maximum drinkability. Malt sweetness in the background complements the hops for a crisp finish.

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance (4.7% ABV Blonde Ale, IBU 19)
Saint of Circumstance is an easy drinking, any occasion brew. This tasty blonde ale uses wheat for its lemony flavour and added Citra, Centennial and Amarillo hops. It goes to a whole new level by adding the zest of seasonal citrus. The result, a remarkably refreshing and balanced “ANY TIME” blonde ale.

Great Lakes Brewery Red Leaf Lager (5.0% ABV Red Lager)
Hints of caramel, nuts and toasted malt result in a fully flavoured yet deceptively smooth lager. A well balanced body makes it a perfect year-round beer.

Double Trouble Brewing Prison Break Pilsner (5% ABV Pilsner)
Aged for 30 days, Prison Break Pilsner’s unconfined flavour demonstrates just how good a lager can taste. Full of aromatic and balanced hopping for maximum flavour security. This Breakout Pilsner will surely set your palate free of uninspiring lagers.

Side Launch Wheat (5.3% ABV)
An authentic Bavarian wheat beer, served unfiltered with its natural yeast and proteins. Notes of banana, cloves and lemon characterize the flavour of this brew.

Bobcaygeon Brewing Common Loon (4.6% ABV, IBU 40)
Common Loon APA is light and easy drinking with lots of flavour. It goes down smooth, with flavours of citrus and tropical fruits. Easy drinking and flavourful, what more could someone want!

Cameron’s Cream Ale (5.0% ABV Cream Ale)
This elegant golden ale is crisp, refreshing and balanced with a fruity backbone. Brewed with 2 row malted barley and specialty hops from the UK. Cameron’s Cream Ale is a dimensional beer, refreshing in the summer and comforting in the colder seasons.

Beau’s Lug Tread (5.2% ABV Lagered Ale)
This golden ale is top-fermented like an ale and cold-aged like a lager giving it light ale notes complemented by lager-like crispness. Brewed with organic hops and malts and local spring water. Lug Tread is a multi-award winning brew that is enjoyed all year round.

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (5% ABV Brown Ale)
Nut Brown Ale is an award winning British Inspired Brown Ale. This medium bodied ale is rich and smooth, boasting lots of roasted coffee & chocolate notes.

Amsterdam Blonde (5.0% ABV European Style Lager)
A golden coloured lager brewed using Canadian pale barley, our brewers craft this beer by infusing the malt with only the finest aromatic noble hops. The finished product is a very clean and well-balanced hoppy beer without the astringent bitterness of some other European styled lagers. This Blonde is 100% all natural.

Amsterdam 416 (4.16% ABV Local Light Lager)
A filtered lager with citrus aromas with a light body & full finish. (416) Urban Wheat is an all-natural, unpasteurized, unfiltered wheat beer with a distinct aroma and mild taste, brewed to commemorate the city of Toronto. Brewed with a delicate combination of Sorachi Ace, Galaxy and Cascade hops.

Amsterdam Cruiser (4.9% ABV American Style Pale Ale, IBU 39)
Cruiser All Day Pale Ale is a smooth, 4.9% Golden Pale Ale that has a refined drinkability and rich tropical flavours. We use a bounty of Canadian Pale Malts and slowly add Citra and Sorachi Ace hops, giving the beer a crisp, refreshing taste with a big citrus punch.

Amsterdam Boneshaker (7.1% ABV India Pale Ale, IBU 65)
Brewed with copious amounts of fresh hops, this naturally carbonated, unfiltered IPA is loaded with citrus and pine aromas. A truly unique taste experience.

Steam Whistle (5.0% ABV Pilsner Lager)
Golden in colour with a distinctive hop aroma, the palate is dry, the beer is refreshing and has a clean, crisp finish.

Big Rig Gongshow Beauty (6.5% ABV Golden Lager)
The World’s First Hockey Brew – Beauty Beer, the beer that can make you a Beauty again for a day, brewed right here in Ottawa, Canada with the spirit of hockey in mind.

Oast House Barnraiser (5.0% ABV Country Ale)
An American style pale ale that is medium cloudy yellow in appearance. Lightly honeyish and very malted. Some Citra hop aroma, with a mildly hoppy flavour.

Mill Street Organic Lager (4.2% ABV Light Lager)
Original Organic Lager, uses imported organic hops and malt to create a uniquely refreshing lager with a distinct light, crisp and refreshing flavour, with a clean finish.

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale (5.2% ABV Red Ale)
A deep copper-red coloured ale. Five different malts are used to produce a complex malty texture. The spicy Cascades hop is used to give an assertive hop flavour and aroma.

Mill Street 100th Meridian (5.0% ABV Organic Amber Ale)
Bright, pale copper; aromas of rich doughy bread, caramel and citrus. It is medium bodied and moderately carbonated, with flavours of caramel, cereal and grassy hops.

Central City Brewing Red Racer IPA  (6.5% ABV )
Clear, deep gold colour; pronounced aromas of hops, citrus and floral with bitterness; extra dry and medium bodied with a bitter and roasted malt flavour; long finish.

Spirit Tree Apple Lager Cider (3.5% ABV )
A light cider with a creamy texture, a yeasty lager aroma, and strong fresh apple characteristics with hints of caramel and orange.

Mill Street Vanilla Porter (5.0% ABV )
Dark brown with copper highlights and a good layer of tan head; aromas show vanilla, toffee, white chocolate and a touch of spice; medium body, good carbonation and balanced bitter/sweet flavours of chocolate and vanilla; long, smooth finish.

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale (5.2% ABV )
This is a very balanced beer in every sense; between bitterness and sweetness, as well as the hop/malt intensity. It’s a wonderfully drinkable full-bodied beer with huge malt and hop flavours that perfectly complement each other. We use five varieties of malt in the recipe to give the beer depth and an abundance of cascade finishing hops to impart the refreshing citrus aroma that leaves you wanting more.

Big Rig Double Chocolate Milk Stout (6.2% ABV)
Smooth and rich, this dark roasty beer in infused with Belgian cocoa and sweet milk lactose for a uniquely tasty brew.

Big Rock Grasshopper Wheat Ale (5% ABV)
A light touch of hops gives the brew a crisp finish, balancing its soft sweetness and texture with fruity or citrusy notes.

Big Rock Traditional Ale (5% ABV)
This English-style brown ale fills your mouth with a fusion of toasty malt and sweet caramel up front finishing with a nutty flavour, medium creamy carbonation, and mild hop bitterness.

Big Rock Genuine Alberta Draft (5% ABV)
All natural, batch brewed and made in Alberta. In this beer you’ll find a pale lager, brewed with the highest quality of ingredients including selected Willamette hops. No additives, unpasteurized…this is a pure malt beer proudly brewed in Alberta.  A great beer by Big Rock Brewery.